Nurturing Bookish Besties Reading Challenge

Welcome to the 150-book reading challenge! We are excited to embark on this journey together as a village. The goal of this challenge is to read 150 books over the course of a year (no matter when you jump in, you have a year to finish it). This may seem like a lot, but by setting aside a little bit of time each day for reading, we can easily reach this goal.

There are no specific guidelines for what books to read, so feel free to choose books that match your interests and reading level as well as your child’s or children’s. You can read fiction, nonfiction, picture books, and chapter books – the options are endless!

To help keep track of our progress, we will create a chart or list where we can record the books we read. You can also keep a journal to reflect on your favorite parts of the book or to write about what you have learned. A good way to see the book through the eyes of your child. 

Reading is a wonderful way to expand our knowledge, improve our vocabulary, and escape into different worlds. Let’s make reading a priority and have fun along the way!



  • First go ahead and bookmark this page. I will be posting reading tips and mini-competition rules and link them here. 
  • The most important goal is to encourage us to read more books. Everything else is a tool to help us achieve that goal.
  • Next, download this for the challenge. It has instruction, ideas, tips, resources, book lists and where to get books, charts and trackers for the challenge. In my opinion, get it even if you do not join the challenge.
  • The goal is to read 150 books in a year. This includes all the books your family reads – books the children read by themselves, books you read to them, books they read to you, books the parents read individually. All of it. 
  • You can start anytime you want to, I hope to keep it evergreen. And even if you do not read 150 books in a year, keep going till you reach 150 books, let the challenge end whenever you reach the goal.
  • Please report the reading honestly and encourage your children to do same
  • Special gifts will be awarded for mini-challenges, details will be announced on our social media and updated here. 
  • Any medium is ok to read – paper books, ebooks, audiobooks. All are welcome. 
  • Track everything on the sheets provided, and share your journey with us. Use the hashtag #NBBReadingchallenge
  • Have fun! Reading is not meant to be work. Help your child find interesting and exciting material to read. This is an opportunity to grow our family’s reading habits.


Check back – Coming Real Soon!

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