About Nurture Village


It’s been said over-and-over again that it takes a village. No one tells us where it is. Welcome home! This is a space for YOU. A place to laugh, cry, and feel seen and heard without judgement. A place to nourish your body and soul and take care of yourself. Your village! The goal is to nurture you wholly so you can nurture yours. It is important that we normalise women supporting each other and asking for help. You do not have to do it alone. ⁣Let us help you move from chaos to calm and from surviving to thriving.

How we help?



We bring you real and relatable stories from real mums in this real world packed with truths and doses of humour


You do not have to do it alone. Join our communities and attend our events; physical or virtual.


In a wide range of areas; relationships, health and wellness, family life, mental health, career guidance, homeschooling, faith, parenting and much more


We are obsessed with making motherhood easier, for all mothers. We share your stories and bring you evidence-based, expert support, inspiration and information. Our resources strive to offer exactly the support you need, right when you need it. You’ve got this, mama. And we’ve got you.


Some learning and unlearning and relearning because that is what this journey is about. We bring you courses and programs and even some fun and role playing because learning can absolutely spark joy


We are constantly on the look out for anything that makes this journey easy and we will share our findings with you and where to get them and even collaborate where possible to get it to you more easily.





Abuja, Nigeria.