Praying in Love

 Your relationship is never not in need of more du’as. Also, it is not too early to start making du’a. I hope the prompts inspire you to make dua for your marriage.

30-days No-Yelling challenge

Can you go 30-days without yelling at your child(ren). Was created following an inspiration to use Ramadan as a training ground but can be used all year round.

Ramadān and Eid-themed colouring sheets

Great for playdates and themed studies as well. You can never go wrong with more colouring. A good tool to get the children focused and working by themselves for a little while. 

Mom's Moments with Allah ﷻ

You cannot afford to be speechless when it comes to making du’a for your child(ren)

30-days of good deeds

Let’s hasten to more good. Ideal for Ramadān but can be used anytime. A great way to connect with family and community

Moonlight Munchkins

Our children might not be fasting yet but there is so much they can learn and so many ways they can be a part of the blessed month. A collection of Montessori zero/no-budget ideas around Ramadān for families

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