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About Us

Nurture Village is big on parent+child education. We are Nigeria’s only Montessori playgroup that welcomes families with babies, toddlers and preschoolers up to 6 years old. A safe place for your child to explore with all their senses as at this age, children are sensorial learners. The space is designed exactly for them with everything at their height and engaging activities to foster independence and for them to build concentration and refine their skills. We love our beautiful, calm and cozy space. Hope you can join us!

Montessori Playgroup

Children use child-sized equipment and beautiful Montessori materials to develop independence, concentration, and responsibility. Everything is prepared with the child in mind, to allow children to follow their natural desire to learn and develop in different areas: art and self expression, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, food preparation, gross motor development, language, practical skills, reading, self care, and social interaction.

Parent-Child Program

An opportunity to learn with your child. You will learn how to set-up your home to support your child’s development, tips for positive discipline and access to. a parent coach for all your parenting needs

Book-Lending Library

You do not have to buy all the books. You can just borrow them from our range of parenting books, self help and personal development books, islamic books, and of course children books.

Muslim Homeschool Islamiyyah

So we will be starting a muslim homeschool for children between ages 1.5 to 8 years. Our focus is tarbiyah, adab, and islamic culture. We will also support the children in their learning of a few surahs and adhkars as well as exposure to arabic language. We will be using the montessori approach for any structured learning. 

Classes will be tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays 3.30pm to 5.30pm.


Love this space, ma sha’a Allah! It’s easy to find on the maps, cozy and feels like home

Fatimah Maitambari


Calming, beautiful and child-parent friendly place.”

Zainab Sanni


“I am soo excited to go to Nurture Village.”

Little Imanie (3 years old)

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We have a range of books and learning resources available for purchase.